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Training Resources for Volunteers

Videos and resources for our most common dog behavior problems.

3 Leash Handling Maneuvers for Reactive Dogs

Use: for dogs that are frustrated greeters on the leash, bark at other dogs or at people while being walked. Teaches "Front", "arc by", U-turns.

Training Tip: Find a Positive Reinforcement Trainer in your area

CCPDT - Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers - look for "Knowledge Assessed" (trainer has taken and passed the rigorous certification test, as well as presented documentation on casework and/or classes taught) or "Behavior Consultant" (trainer has taken and passed a series of tests and done casework on behaviorally challenging dogs).

Training Tip: Calming Signals

Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas - Calming signals are signals and signs that dogs use to calm themselves down, calm each other down, communicate submission, or to indicate their avoidance of conflict. These signals should be studied in each dog and understood.

Common complaint: "My dog is stubborn. I tell him to sit and he yawns, licks his nose, and turns away." By studying calming signals, we understand that the dog is reacting to the tone of the voice or the command and is giving a calming signal to help the handler calm down. Often, the dog doesn't understand the command (it has not been generalized) or the dog is reacting to the tone of voice (which can be angry, aggressive, or too loud). 

Basic Dog Obedience / Training Notes and How-Tos

Comprehensive Training notes covering:
Name Recognition
Watch Me
Come When Called
Leave It
Polite Walking / Loose Leash Walking
Drop It
Stay (Duration and Distance)

"Look At That!" Training Game 

Use: teaches focus, eye contact, desensitization to triggers, desensitization to distractions. Highly recommended for all dogs.

Engage / Disengage Game

Use: for reactive dogs or dogs that are excessively distracted in certain situations, teaches eye contact, focus, desensitization to triggers and distractions. Teaches dogs to "dismiss" and return focus to handler for things they may be worried about.

Showdown With Holly - Cesar Millan

This video illustrates why we discourage use of any of Cesar Millan's "training techniques". They can cause injury and reactivity in dogs. Read "Calming Signals" link above and then watch this video for a breakdown.

More techniques for Loose Leash Walking

Use: for dogs that are big pullers on the leash or dogs that would benefit from learning how to walk on the leash well. 

Stopping Unwanted Behaviors

Use: general information for solving unwanted behaviors

Training Tip: YouTube Training Recommendations

Two trainers on YouTube teach positive reinforcement training and have many videos on a variety of training subjects, tricks, and general dog information. Please check out these two links if you are searching for additional information on specific training how-tos. 

KIKOPUP - Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Donna Hill - Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

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