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Special Features-Meet Brynn and Kita! (Kissimee, FL)

Updated: May 13

Age: 8-10 years old & 5 years old

Breed: Australian Shepherds


Gets along with: people

Location: Kissimmee, FL & St. Augustine, FL

We are delighted to introduce you to our 2 fabulous, happy Australian Shepherd girls who are new to our rescue.  They are both fostered in Florida, and because they are very obese they are both getting extensive workups as we make sure that they are as healthy as we can make them.  Let’s meet Brynn and Kita!

Brynn is about the happiest senior dog in all of Kissimmee.  She is estimated to be 8-10 years old, she is about 20 pounds overweight at 75 pounds (but starting to get that weight down!), and she has a beautiful red merle coat.  And look at that smile!  We are working with her vet to clear up various skin and dental issues, and get her spayed.  And through it all she is happy, almost bouncy, and she is in love with everybody she meets.

Kita is the queen of St. Augustine!  This sweet, loving Aussie is almost 5 years old, she came to us weighing 80 pounds, she is already down to 69 pounds (she should weigh 55-60 pounds), and she has a gorgeous black tri coat.  Kita is under evaluation for stiffness and discomfort in her back legs and hips – she has been carrying way too much weight around.  We are working with her vet to find the right combination of medications that will keep her comfortable while she continues her weight loss journey. 

We will post each of our special Florida girls separately when each is available for adoption.  In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about our adoption process please visit our website,  Thank you!


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