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Meet Scout! (Minneapolis, MN)

Age: 2 years old old

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Australian Kelpie


Gets along with: people, dogs, cats

Location: Minneapolis, MN

MINNESOTA FRIENDS - if you've been waiting to adopt a dog from us, we have the dog for you!

Scout is a small-but-mighty, smart-as-a-whip, very devoted Australian Cattle Dog / Australian Kelpie mix who is available for adoption. She is 18 months old, 35 pounds, and has a soft and easy to care for black and tan coat. Scout is housebroken, crate trained, and has been working diligently on her leash manners! She is a typical herder that would love to chase and herd anything that moves, but she is an excellent citizen when asked to be one.

She makes friends quickly with new people and once you are her friend, you will be treated as the most special person on the planet when she sees you. Her entire body is a spasm of excited wiggles and kisses as she tries to get in your lap, no matter what position you are in. That love for people doesn’t extend to small folks, though - she is too herdy for homes with kids under the age of 12. She’s even done okay with some dog-savvy cats. Dogs are her only Achilles heel, as she can be a little selective when choosing dogs that she will share a home with - she prefers to be The Boss and of course, some herding will ensue! She loves to play ball and frisbee, and can catch - she’s quite a superstar! She enjoys playing with her toys, exploring, hiking, and when she’s ready to rest, she makes a pretty cuddly companion.

The ideal family for this dynamo is ready to welcome a smart, fearless pup into their lives. She is pretty resilient and isn’t afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, fire alarms, vacuums, or lawn mowers - in fact, she will give you her opinion on them! Her future family should be ready for a dog with lots of personality. As her foster mom says, “Is she obedient? Not all of the time. Will she negotiate? Yes.” This devoted girl is ready for her forever home - will that be you? If you’d like to learn more about our adoption process, Scout, and complete an application, please visit our website, Scout is fostered in Minneapolis, MN.

Scout's adoption donation is $300.

To be considered to adopt Scout, please click here: ADOPTION APPLICATION


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