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Meet Ryder!

Updated: Sep 8

Age: 1 year old

Breed: Border Collie Mix


Gets along with: people, dogs

Location: Tampa, FL

Ryder is a handsome Border Collie mix who is ready for adoption. He is one year old, he weighs 45 pounds, and has a soft, fluffy black coat with a white chest. Ryder is housebroken and he is just starting to learn his basic obedience commands - he really loves to learn and is food-motivated. Ryder is also “crate-experienced” but he is not a “crate-enthusiast”, but he will settle and rest comfortably in his crate.

Ryder has not had a lot of experience doing fun activities with people. He loves people and he loves to get pets and give kisses. But walking on a leash or riding in a car, or even playing fetch, are all brand new for him. His foster family can tell that he is trying to figure it all out, but he is still very nervous when it comes to leash-walking or riding in a car.

When describing his overall personality, we would say that Ryder is a medium-Velcro dog. He loves his humans but he does not have to be glued to their sides 24/7. And Ryder LOVES other dogs! He is a medium energy boy who loves to play - running, wrestling and chasing - until he and his play buddies are ready for water, snacks, and some quiet cuddle time! Ryder has not been introduced to cats.

The ideal family for Ryder is active, loving and patient. Ryder is truly a diamond in the rough, or “ruff”, and his ideal family will take the time to let Ryder learn that people are fun! They will also continue his training as he has so much to learn, he is so smart, and he has so much potential. A fenced yard and another playful dog are required, and Ryder still jumps with enthusiasm so children should be over the age of 12. If you would like to welcome Ryder into your life, please visit our website, www.sohodogrescue.org, where you will find our adoption process and application. Ryder is fostered in Tampa, FL.

Ryder's adoption donation is $300.

To be considered to adopt Ryder, please click here: ADOPTION APPLICATION

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