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Meet Huey & Louie!

Age: 8 weeks old

Breed: Australian Shepherd


Gets along with: people

Location: Graham, NC

Huey and Louie are 2 very happy purebred Australian Shepherd puppies who are available for adoption.  Huey is the puppy with more white on his head, and on September 10 he was 8 weeks old and weighed about 6 pounds.  Louie has more black on his face and a little copper coloring on his front legs, and on September 10 he was 8 weeks old and he also weighed about 6 pounds.  Both have fluffy coats and undocked tails.

The foster family who is caring for Huey and Louie describes them as wonderful - sweet and super friendly.  They are both very smart and they are quickly becoming housebroken and crate-trained.  While Huey and Louie are both very people oriented, they also love other dogs, and although they are so similar in their overall personalities, Huey is maybe just a bit more unflappable and Louie is just a tiny bit more daring and feisty. 

Just as with the other puppies who are also available for adoption, the families who adopt Huey and Louie should be puppy ready – ready to love, to play, to train, and to be OK with a teething machine!  Puppies at this age will use anything to help them through their teething stage, and so any children in their new homes should be at least 10 years old.  Huey and Louie will be ready for adoption at the end of September, and if you would like to learn more about our adoption process and access our adoption application, please visit our website, www.sohodogrescue.org.  Huey and Louie are fostered in Graham, NC.

Huey and Louie's adoption donation is $350.

To be considered to adopt Huey and Louie, please click here: ADOPTION APPLICATION

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