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Meet Cheese!

Breed: Border collie mix

Age: 3 years old


Gets along with: people, dogs, cats

Location: Richmond, VA

Hello, is it Cheese you’re looking for?

Cheese is a 3 year old male blue merle border collie mix who is ready for his forever home! This charismatic, funny guy weighs about 40 lbs and has a striking white coat with light gray splotches and a blue merle mask. Cheese rides fine in the car and is housetrained. He also has been started on good manners and obedience and walks very nicely on a leash!

Cheese is a little shy around strangers at first but eventually does warm up to them with treats. He does seem to love women more than men and once you’re in his Circle of Trust – watch out! He will talk to you for attention (politely at first, of course). He loves a good butt-scratch and it’s his favorite way to approach his people. His arch nemeswiss is the ceiling fan, though, and he will watch them quite intently if they are on. He also loves to run and would be an excellent hiking or jogging partner! Cheese is a good medium-energy guy that wants to be with you 24/7. He is okay with dog-savvy cats that aren’t going to run too much around him, and good with other dogs though he is more of a peaceful coexister. He’s not too excited by toys but loves to zoom around other dogs while they are playing with them – that’s the border collie for you!

The ideal family for this Cheesy Cheese is a moderately active one. He will thrive in a home where he can hang out with his people during the week and maybe do some weekend adventures like hiking! He does like to sleep in the bed and because of excessive crating in his previous life, will not do well in an environment where he has to be crated for longer periods of time. He will need a family to keep him mentally stimulated and who understands that a tired border collie is a happy border collie! Cheese is very Brie-llient and a home prepared to do some training with him would be ideal, though he also needs a home without young children because he tends to herd when people are moving quickly. If this sounds like a Gouda deal to you, please apply today! Cheese is fostered near Richmond, VA.

If interested in adoption, please fill out our adoption application: https://www.sohodogrescue.com/adoption-application

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