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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Age: 11 years old

Breed: Miniature American Shepherd


Gets along with: people, dogs, cats

Location: GA

MEDICAL/HOSPICE - Hi everyone! We want to introduce you to a little guy we’ve been keeping under wraps for a bit: Barry!

If you follow our work year in and year out, you know that we do our best to give our rescue dogs all the care and love that they need, with the ultimate goal of adopting them to wonderful families like you! Sometimes though, we rescue a dog who has serious medical issues that cannot be fully corrected, and it is our honor and pleasure to love and care for these dogs in our hospice program for the rest of their lives.

Barry is 11 years old and he is one of our dogs in hospice care. A few months ago his owner dumped him at his local shelter in Georgia. Barry was a mess. He was thin, his coat was ragged, he had an old eye injury that was never treated and he was heartworm positive. He also had a mouthful of fractured teeth. We cleaned him up, got him started on his heartworm treatment, got him groomed and had all the fractured teeth pulled.

Unfortunately, we also learned that his eye cannot be fixed, he has a very serious heart murmur and he has a large tumor on his heart that cannot be removed.

So Barry is with us and we love him to pieces! This happy little character (he only weighs 25 pounds) is a little pistol who loves to follow his foster mom everywhere, go for slow walks in the woods and just hang out with his two dog pals. We are working with his vet to continue his heartworm treatment and manage the care he needs for his heart failure.

Dogs like Barry are so special. They deserve our love and they make us smile every day. Barry is a sweet little guy that brings his foster mom so much joy, and we couldn’t do it without thoughtful and caring people like you that help support our programs.

If you would like to donate to cover some of the costs of our hospice program, thank you in advance! Donations can be made by following the link on our website:

Or, please click on the link above on our banner to donate specifically to our hospice fund. Thank you for helping support our Barry!


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