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Courtesy Post-Meet Maddie!

Updated: Nov 22

Age: 8 years old

Breed: Border Collie Mix


Gets along with: people

Location: Richmond,VA

Courtesy Post – Maddie is not a SOHO dog. 

Please contact the owner directly at caitlinbojarski@gmail.com

Maddie is a loving Border Collie mix (maybe with Great Pyrenees?) who is hoping to find a new home.  She is 8 years old, a bit overweight at 80 pounds, with a nice fluffy white and brown coat and full tail.  Maddie is housebroken, knows her basic obedience commands and absolutely loves to go for car rides!  She is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccines, and she takes a low daily dose of an inexpensive thyroid medication.

Maddie loves people!  She loves all the attention that she can get.  She is a bit of a dog diva, preferring to be an only dog so that she does not have to share the humans.  Maddie is a lower energy, medium Velcro dog who loves to spend her time getting belly rubs, going for walks, hanging out on the couch, lying in the sun, and she will even play an occasional game of fetch.  Maddie has not had any exposure to cats.

The ideal home for Maddie is a happy, low-keyed one, shared with a person or family who has room on their couch for just one more!  A fenced yard is best, older children are welcome, and Maddie really wants to be an only dog.  Maddie currently lives in Richmond, VA, and if you are interested in this cutie please contact her owner at caitlinbojarski@gmail.com.