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Courtesy Post-Meet Bentley!

Breed: Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix

Age: 2 years old


Gets along with: people, dogs, cats

Location: Coatesville, IN

COURTESY POST – Bentley is not a SOHO dog. If you are interested in learning more about him please contact his owner directly at sirby.sue83@gmail.com.

Bentley is a very happy, energetic and smart Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who needs to find a new home. He is just 2 years old, he is a great weight at 45 pounds, and he has a mostly black and white coat with some deep red highlights. Bentley is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines and just a healthy little guy! He is housebroken, he loves his crate, and he knows quite a few obedience commands. Bentley usually walks nicely on leash, although he will pull when he gets excited. He absolutely loves to ride in the car.

Bentley is a little shy when he first meets someone new but that does not last long! He is a high Velcro dog who loves to be wherever his family is. As with people, Bentley also really likes other dogs but he does best when the new dog does not charge at him at their first meeting – way too stressful! Bentley is also a higher energy dog with a nice “off switch”. He loves to play fetch, play with other dogs, go for walks and race around the yard, and when all the play is done Bentley is a great snuggler on the couch. Bentley also gets along with cats!

The ideal family for Bentley is happy, active and ready for fun! A fenced yard is required, another playful dog would be fabulous, and any children in the home must be older than 12 – young children make him nervous. Cats are welcome! Bentley is such a nice guy, he currently lives in Coatesville, IN, and if you are interested in learning more about him please contact the owner directly at sirby.sue83@gmail.com.

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