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Meet Miko!

Updated: Mar 3

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix


Gets along with: people, dogs, cats

Location: Sugar Grove, NC

Miko is a smart and friendly Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix who is now available for adoption.  He is 3 years old, he weighs 46 pounds, and he has a handsome tri-color coat.  Miko is housebroken and crate-trained.  He is also a very special dog in that he is deaf and he has an excellent vocabulary of hand signals!  He knows yes, no, down, sit, come, drop it and crate, and he is quickly learning stay, play, potty, ball, food and water – he is so smart!  Miko does pull when walking on leash and he has really improved, and he is a great passenger in the car. 

Miko adores people!  He is a wiggly, confident guy who just wants to lean into every person he meets for pets.  Miko is a medium Velcro dog who loves to be with his people and he will move with them from room to room, but he does not get underfoot and he is fine when crated.  Miko also really enjoys his dog pals.  He has a “bitey face” boxing-like play style and he loves the dog games!  Miko is a higher energy dog with a nice off switch.  He loves to go for hikes and jogs, play with his dog pals and learn new words.  Most of all, Miko is OBSESSED with playing fetch – his all time favorite game!  And after he has had a nice period of exercise and play, Miko settles nicely for naps and belly scratches.  Miko has not tried to chase the cats, chickens and pigs on his foster family’s farm.

The ideal family for Miko is loving, active and ready to continue Miko’s training and adventures.  A fenced yard is required, another playful dog is welcome, and any children in the home should be at least 10 years old.  It is also important that his new family is ready to welcome a hearing -impaired dog into their lives, and they should be ready to play fetch, play fetch, play fetch!  Miko is an amazing dog and he is ready for adoption by an amazing family.  If you are interested in learning more about our adoption process and completing an application, please visit our website,  Miko is fostered in Sugar Grove, NC.

Miko's adoption donation is $300.

To be considered to adopt Miko, please click here: ADOPTION APPLICATION

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