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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Age: 8 years old

Breed: Australian Shepherd mix


Bernie is not available for adoption as he is our under our hospice care. If you would like to donate for Bernie's care please go to www.sohodogrescue.org and click on ”donate”.

Hi friends, We’d like to update you on our older guy, Bernie. If you remember, we pulled Bernie from the shelter and he wasn’t doing so hot, but we thought hey, some heartworm treatment, some arthritis meds, some TLC, and we will find him his happy ever after. We’ve placed older dogs in homes many times, and this sweet old man deserves his happily ever after almost more than any dog we’ve ever met. Well, sometimes life throws us a curveball. Bernie had to be hospitalized in an emergency twice in the last week - once for severe pneumonia that hadn’t been caught by his primary vet, and the other because of weakness in his hips. We feared both times he wouldn’t make it through, but because of the talented veterinary staff at the emergency center and his own brave heart, Bernie has pulled through. However, our findings on Bernie’s health were a little more concerning. It turns out that Bernie has advanced heartworm disease - his heart, arteries, and lungs are so badly damaged that the vets cannot do much to treat the worms. Bernie’s long term care will involve staving off the secondary infections and keeping him comfortable as long as we can, for as long as he wants, in his foster home. Bernie didn’t deserve this, and he didn’t deserve to be in a shelter at 9 years old... but while we can work miracles as rescuers, we can’t turn back the clock. We can only do as much as we can to fit 9 years of love and care in as much time as Bernie has left with his wonderful foster mom, Denise. Right now, Bernie’s care has totaled about $2,000 for the last week, and of course, as long as we have the Bern, we will continue to get his vetting done as he needs. He still needs to complete his pneumonia treatment and will need additional care for pain management. If you’d like to contribute to Bernie’s ongoing care, please visit our website at www.sohodogrescue.org and click on “Donate”. We also will have calendars available for purchase in the next week with funds going to Bernie’s care, and the week following will have our cozy logo hoodies available for purchase as well. Our commitment to Bernie is 100%, as it is with all of our dogs, and our hope is that this guy has plenty of time left to enjoy slow walks down the street, snacks on a comfy pillow, thorough ear rubs, and long naps in sunbeams. But whether it’s one week or one year, Bernie will remain with us and continue to receive the best care we can give. We will try to update you all occasionally - if you all could meet this sweet guy, you’d understand why he has us wrapped around his soft little paws - and we hope we can share his hospice journey with you. Thank you all for all the love you give to our rescue dogs and to us, The SOHO Team

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