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Meet Benji!

Updated: 5 days ago

Age: 2 years old

Breed: red tri Australian Shepherd


Gets along with: people he trusts, dogs, cats

Location: near Atlanta, GA

Benji is Ready for His Forever Family!!!

Benji is a special boy who had a terrible start in life, tied to a stake with no socialization, afraid of everything and everyone.  It has taken over 8 months, but this wonderful guy is now a happy, fun and even joyful dog.  We are looking for a very special family for him, one who has the time, patience and calmness to continue to show Benji how great his world can be.  Read on!

Benji is just over 2 years old, a purebred red tri Australian Shepherd who is a perfect weight at just under 50 pounds.  He is housebroken, crate-trained and knows some basic obedience commands.  He loves to ride in the car and usually walks nicely on leash – unless something scares him and then he will strongly jerk the leash while he tries to run away. 

Benji loves people he is no longer afraid of, and yes, he will pee on the floor the first time he meets you.  He loves other dogs and loves to hang out with cats.  He is a medium energy guy who loves to play but turns into the best snuggly couch boy when playtime is over.  He absolutely loves water, and mud, and playing ball, and any combination of the above!!

Benji is such a wonderful dog and he needs a very special home so that this transition to his new life is successful.  He needs:

  • A family with a somewhat quiet home without a lot of visitors, who is willing to give him as many days as he needs to come out from under the table or behind the couch and trust you;

  • A fully fenced yard;

  • Another playful, confident dog pal who will show him that your home is safe and friendly and a happy place to live;

  • Access to water that he can lie in, splash in and roll in.  A beach may work eventually, but a quiet lake, a pool or kiddie pool would be best, or a big mud hole if you are ready for daily baths!!

  • Access to your sofa.  Once he trusts you his bond with you is strong, and he has thrived in his foster home where he felt welcomed and safe.  His foster family says that hanging on the couch with them in the evenings makes all the difference.

While we are ready to find the right home for Benji, we will be moving slowly.  We invite your questions via sohodogrescue2@gmail.com or private Facebook message before you submit an application.  Benji is fostered near Atlanta, GA.

Benji's adoption donation is $275.

To be considered to adopt Benji, please click here: ADOPTION APPLICATION