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Meet Andy! (Graham, NC)

Updated: Sep 4

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Australian Shepherd


Gets along with: people, dogs

Location: Graham, NC

Andy is a handsome, friendly, fun-loving young Australian Shepherd who is now available for adoption.  He is not quite 3 years old, he is a great weight at 43 pounds, and he has a soft black tri-colored coat.  Andy is housebroken, crate-trained (but not a fan), and he knows some basic obedience commands.  He walks nicely with a no-pull harness but he will pull a bit with a regular collar.  Andy loves to go for car-rides – he is always ready for an outing!


Andy absolutely loves people and he has never met a stranger!  He is friendly and comfortable with everyone.  Andy is a high Velcro boy who trots along with his foster family wherever they go.  Andy spent all of his life as an only dog, with little interaction with other dogs.  He is friendly and enjoys his new dog pals but he is still learning how to read the cues he gets from others and figure out how to match each dog’s play style.  Andy is a wide-open, full-speed-ahead kind of guy, and while this works well with dogs his size or larger Andy can be a bit much for small dogs.  Andy is a higher energy dog with a nice off switch.  What does he love to do?  EVERYTHING!!!  Andy loves to go for walks, runs, hikes and car rides.  He loves to fetch, play tug-of-war, swim, play on agility equipment, play with his toys and go anywhere with his foster family.  And when all of this play is done, Andy is a wonderful snuggler who will happily get as many belly scratches as he can get or nap at your feet.  Andy has not been exposed to cats, but given his play style his foster family is pretty sure that he would chase them.


The ideal family for Andy is active, loving, and ready to welcome this happy, fun-loving young dog into their home.  A fenced yard is required, and another playful, friendly dog would be welcome but Andy would also be just fine as an only dog.  Andy can get excited and jump a bit, so any children in the home should be at least 12 years old.  Andy is ready to be someone’s best friend, someone who has the time and love that this great little guy deserves.  If you would like to review our adoption process and complete an application please visit our website,  Andy is fostered in Graham, NC.

Andy's adoption donation is $300.

To be considered to adopt Andy, please click here: ADOPTION APPLICATION


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