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Available! Meet Pippa!

Age: 1.5 years old

Breed: Australian Cattle dog


Gets along with: people, dogs

Location: Belvidere, NJ

Meet Pippa… again! We’ve tried several times to post Pippa for adoption and to make her post as happy and as accurate as our other posts are… but it’s time to lay the naked truth out here: Pippa is kind of a handful! She’s about 35 lbs, 1.5 years old, and a purebred Australian Cattle Dog!

Pippa came to us from a young man who had to move back in with family who unsurprisingly didn’t want the canine equivalent of the hyper kid on the playground who had mowed through half an XL bag of Airheads. We knew this might be an issue when her first foster family – a pair of athletes with two active children said, “We just don’t know if this is a good fit for us.” So Pippa got sent to our Cattle Dog Expert who has since declared her “1000% cattle dog.”

For those of you that maybe had a pleasant, relaxing experience with a cattle dog, allow me to give you the recipe for an ownership experience with a female cattle dog of Pippa’s variety: bring only two bags of expired Halloween candy for sustenance to a 3-day rock concert headlined by chainsaw jugglers and Motley Crue in the middle of the desert. Words like “intense”, “that sounds crazy”, and “oh my god” come to mind. These are all things you will utter owning Pippa.

Pippa’s love for her person is epic, legendary – there is not a novel ever written that could encapsulate her total devotion. Is she easy to train? She is deeply and completely clever, ready to do anything from a basic sit to running a three-ring circus alone (well.. trying, anyway, as all cattle dogs do). Will she try to do anything you ask, even if it sounds mildly crazy? Absolutely. Will you wake up at three am, heart racing, wondering why you feel like you’re being watched? 100%, and it will be because Pippa is watching you sleep. She is the dictionary definition of devoted and needs someone who is just as intense, and a little bit cray-cray, as she is.

She is about the sweetest thing alive with young male dogs and but will recreate Lord-of-the-Flies-esque tableaus with other female dogs so needs a home with male dogs only, or no dogs at all. She’d love a marathon runner who wants a companion, an agility competitor looking for their one and only, or a hiker looking for a serious long-term relationship with the woods and their dog. She really does need a home without young kids and because she’s a cattle dog, probably a big, secure yard that she can run around in at minimum. She’s going to need way more exercise than your average herding dog, so someone that she can get solid time exercising with is ideal for her. She is ok with dog savvy cats.

If you saw a video of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch and thought, “That’s my kind of crazy,” you’re going to love Pippa. She’s house trained, crate-trained, and a little bit anxious letting you out of her sight. Does this sound like the kind of crazy-amazing adventure that you’ve always wanted in a dog? Apply today! Pippa is located in Belvidere, NJ.

Pippa's adoption donation is $275.

To be considered to adopt Pippa, please click here: ADOPTION APPLICATION

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