Welcome to your Adoption Day packet! Adoption is always a very exciting time both for our volunteers and for you. We love seeing our dogs go to great homes. Tears may be shed as we let our foster dogs go, but we know they are going on to a wonderful future - with you!

Below you'll find a copy of the adoption contract and spay-neuter contract (for puppies only). We also have two very special programs for adopters that you can check out on the left side. 

We offer FREE problem solving training assistance for you and your new SOHO Pup! If you encounter a problem, please send us an e-mail at sohodogrescue@gmail.com - we'll put you in touch with our professional trainers for a phone consult.

When you adopt from us, you're family! We have a Facebook group for anyone who is part of our SOHO family. Click the link below to be added!

Adoption Contract

Spay/Neuter Contract

We want to make the transition with you as easy as possible. If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know! We highly recommend reading the information at this link to help you understand the changes your dog may be undergoing when they come to live with you: Decompressing your dog. While the process may be faster as the dog has been in a foster home vs. the shelter, it still contains good information about acclimating a new dog to your home.


Meanwhile, please remember to bring:

  • a tag for your new dog with your name and phone number

  • a leash 

If you want ​to pre-pay your adoption donation, please do so at the link below.


**IMPORTANT NOTE: if you prepay  your adoption fee, please make sure to bring a copy of your receipt to your meet-and-greet with your dog.**

If you have any questions, contact us at SOHOdogrescue@gmail.com.

                 Oh, and...