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Adoption Day!!

Welcome to Adoption Day! Adoption is always a very exciting time both for our volunteers and for you. We love seeing our dogs go to great homes. Tears may be shed as we let our foster dogs go, but we know they are going on to a wonderful future - with you!

Please read the below information carefully to ensure the best success with your new dog. 

We offer FREE problem solving training assistance for you and your new SOHO Pup! If you encounter a problem, please send us an e-mail at - we'll put you in touch with our professional trainers for a phone consult.

When you adopt from us, you're family! We have a Facebook group for anyone who is part of our SOHO family. Click the link below to be added!

Dos and Don'ts of Bringing Home A Newly Adopted Dog
DO: set up a routine for your dog to get used to, including crate time, walk times, and potty times.
DON'T: take your dog on a trip to Petco right away - remember, while they may love you, they don't know you well. Best to let the bone-choosing happen after they've had a few days or a couple of weeks to get to know you.
DO: spend lots of time with your new dog including lots of playtime and walks!
DON'T: have visitors right away for your new dog (we know it's tempting!) or throw your new dog a party. Remember: they don't know you well and introductions will be a lot easier if you let your new dog know YOU first, then add new people later.
DO: keep things quiet and low-key for a couple of weeks, including crating in a quiet place and keeping your dog on leash if you must have visitors. 
DON'T: take your dog to a dog park until your dog has had some time to get to know their surroundings. 

We want to make the transition with you as easy as possible. If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know! We highly recommend reading the information at this link to help you understand the changes your dog may be undergoing when they come to live with you: Decompressing your dog. 


While the process may be faster as the dog has been in a foster home vs. the shelter, it still contains necessary information about acclimating a new dog to your home.


Adoption Check-Out

Please complete the steps below for our virtual Adoption Check-Out

1. Adoption Contract - No adoption would be complete without a contract, so please click on the links below to be taken to our adoption contract (which is an online, signable form). Once you press "submit", the contract will be sent to us and to you!

2. Spay / Neuter agreement - puppies or young dogs only - Please click the button below ONLY IF the dog you are adopting is under the age of six months old and NOT spayed or neutered (we require a contract that you agree to spay or neuter the dog before he or she reaches six months of age). 

3. Adoption Donation - Please follow the PayPal link below to pay your adoption donation. Don't worry, this is refundable if the meet and greet doesn't work out with the dog you've  chosen. 

The Meet and Greet

At the meet and greet, you will have the opportunity to meet and take home your new pup if all goes well! 

Who should I bring? Bring anyone who lives in your household - your children, spouse, grandparents, etc that lives at your address and with whom the dog would have daily contact. We also request that you bring any dogs that live with you to the meet and greet.

What should I bring? Good question! Please bring a leash and collar, as well as a tag with your name and number on it for your new dog. We highly recommend a martingale style collar for the first couple of weeks when you dog is on leash and you are walking them. This style of collar prevents dogs from backing out of their collars if they are startled. Your dog CAN wear a separate flat collar with your name and number on it. 

More questions?

Please contact us at! We are happy to help! 

Oh and....


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